Dining Chairs

Each day at Ra, we are stunned by the sheer creativity of our patrons, and we complementing their vision by giving them the freedom to mix and match,  creating pieces that work perfectly for their home. Pick your favorite from our collection of exquisite hard wood dining chairs, and pair them with a lovely dining table of your choice, and you will have a one of a kind dining table set only to be found in your home. Available with or without upholstery and chair pads.

Home space to live in comfort and with the people, we most love and feel affectionate about. The dining room is a junction where everyone hoards. A space that brings everyone together should be embellished with the best decors. Dining tables add beauty to the place and makes it the favourite one.  Ra furniture is known for its upstanding quality of dining tables in Pune. We make sure that the holistic space in your house looks the most flourished in the entire house. We are known for the meritorious quality of material we use for developing dining tables. Graceful and dignified use of space is the task we are best at and known for in the market.