RA Projects

The Modern Edge Project

Some clients and designers, have the luxury of time, some don’t!
This project was culminated, with clients who approached Ra lifestyle
with the thought of “contemporary” and a “fresh look”. With which RA’s
team, put together a theme of classical modernism from - of the shelf

Each piece was carefully selected to achieve clean finishes with up-to-date
fabrics that suited the clients taste just right!


When Pune-based architect, Sonal Tarde chose Ra Lifestyle to furnish this stunning, 8000 sq. ft. home from scratch, we were delighted to collaborate on this exciting project. With an overarching theme of the understated and the classic, each piece was carefully selected to complement the home’s overall muted and exquisite aura, and took a quick six weeks from start to finish.


From the lovingly handcrafted four poster beds, quirky wall decor, hard wood bookshelves to ornate mirrors and so much more, we loved adding a vibrant and rustic charm to this lovely 5000 sq ft. farmhouse set in a 1 acre with well thought land scaping . The result? A stunning, one of a kind home that you simply can’t take your eyes off from.


Collaborating with architect and designer Pranav Thakor Singh on this exquisite residence was an absolute pleasure. Ra Lifestyle loved bringing the designer’s fresh-yet-vintage vision to life through each of our pieces, from the center table, the one-of-a-kind wall clock, beds to the wall decor.


It was an absolute pleasure to craft intricately-handcrafted four, six, and eight seater tables along with over 70 hard wood chairs for Center Court, a traditional dining restaurant located in Pune. Built from exquisite sheesham and with detailed inlay work, each piece was crafted to perfection to suit the aesthetic and atmosphere of the restaurant. Ra also curated the wall decor, as well as the hard wood cash counter table for the restaurant.


Sleek, minimalist and modern – Ra lifestyle took great pleasure in furnishing this beautiful and spacious residence in Pune. From the contemporary wall decor, all white dining set and four poster beds, center tables to the all-weather outdoor furniture and much more, each piece works in complete harmony to the unique, understated charm of this home.


4 BHK House

Arct Nirav Shah wanted a 4 BHK House with a unique blend of eclectic furniture.

Ra customised indoor & outdoor furniture for his site in 45 days.

Right from hanging lights, outdoor dining table, outdoor dining chairs,  four poster bed, bed side tables, chest of drawers, T.V. units, coffee tables, upholstered sofas, side tables, wardrobes, dining table, dining chairs, poker table, poker chairs, console table, bar unit & more. 

Rainbow Builders

Interior Designer, Shri Jinesh Oswal wanted ultra modern furniture for Rainbow Builders for their sales office.

Ra Lifestyles customised Outdoor sofas, side tables & center tables. Cast aluminium & rattan was under for the same.

Ra also customised wooden indoor furniture, work desk tables, storage units & T.V unit .

All these items were delivered in 35 days on site .


Architect ~ Siddhyesh Bhansali

Ra customised various furniture pieces for a client with various requirements of furniture in designs, a 10 seater dining table, 10 nos dining chairs, wicker workbench, single seater sofas, wooden bench, cleopatra bench, epoxy dining tables & more . 

Ra completed the project in 35 days 


Architect Shri Vinay Tambe visited Ra for her requirements & Ra customised beds, bed sides, study table, study chair, display unit, bar unit, crockery unit, chest of drawers, shoe rack, ottoman, dining table, dining chairs & more . 

All items were delivered in 35 days 

The 4 bedroom spacious home located in Mukund Nagar now has a warm & earthy look & feel to it. 


Architect Ms Aditi Lawate & her client Ms . Riti visited Ra for her requirements & Ra customised center table , side table , single seater sofa , dining table , dining chairs , consoles & more . 

All items were delivered in 35 days . 


Mr Gokhale - FARM HOUSE

Name of Architect ~ Ms Naz 

Name of Client ~ Mr . Gokhale 

Architect Mrs Naz & her client Mr . Gokhale visited Ra for her requirements & Ra customised beds , beds sides , study table , crockery unit , wooden sofas , center table , shoe rack , T.V. unit & more . 

All items were delivered in 35 days . 

Location ~ Pune . 


Name of Architect ~ Divya Singh

Interior Designer Divya Singh visited Ra for her requirements & Ra customised beds , beds sides , study table , kitchen stools & more . 

All items were delivered in 35 days . 

Location ~ Pune


Client ~ Mr. Rohit. M

Mr . Rohit visited Ra for his requirements  & Ra customised his three seater sofas , single seater sofas , accent sofas , cleopatra sofas , ottoman , epoxy dining tables , body mirror & more . 

All items were delivered in 35 days .

Site ~ Pune , Kalyani nagar 


RA lifestyle delivered a new customized line of utilitarian adornment of the royal chesterfield wing chair and hand panels for an exclusive client. Final touches of the colors and finishes were made as per the clients request..

The pieces have accentuated the space with the level of class and style instantaneously!

Rustic Luxury Farmhouse

Vernacular elements from the outside bohemian-rustic elements from the
inside : Features a beautiful second home in Mahableshwar which houses
Ra’s hand crafted products curated under the vision of a architect.
The completed home showcases the beauty of finishes wrested by subdued hues, natural colors and comfortable furnishings.


Ra was honored with the opportunity of completing a retail pan India brand ‘Kora’ store
in Mumbai. Beautifully distressed white furniture set was created. The theme stood as Neo classical fused with classical traditional with beautifully carved Single seater, 2 seater, single chair and coffee tables of around 30 numbers along with other décor.
Ra has been associated with Kora for the past 8 years. We have customized the furniture for their stores in Pune Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

The Transitional TRADITIONAL home

Passionate about interiors, Mrs Priya decided to setup her own 3 bedroom lavish bungalow. She started searching for a single point source for her complete requirements for Furniture & décor either off the shelf or to be customized as per her design & style. She Found Ra online with strong credentials of the clientele reviews on Google. The project was completed by Ra within 40 days including customization.

The RUSTIC CONTEMPORARY Farm house -3,000sq ft 3 bedroom - Nashik

Ra completed a beautiful 2nd home for Mr. Rahul Nigam in Nashik.

Combining a unique mélange of rustic and contemporary styles, the outcome was a stunning home with a warm yet chic look. Handcrafted beds, bedsides, study tables, Chairs and much more were provided. Attention to every detail and nooks of the wood, while carving, has brought o ut tasteful ecstatic interior experience.


Mrs . Sonal Tarade wanted to give a warm & contemporary look for her project , Ra Lifetsyles supplied the furniture & decor . A modern look with minimal pieces . 

Neo Classical Furniture

When Architect & Designer Mr . Abhishek Dani was looking for Neoclassical Furniture in Pune he approached Ra Lifestyles . All the furniture was hand crafted from Teak wood furniture . This look is a classic look for any space . All of the furniture was customised as per the architects & clients designer .   

Fusion With A Fresh Twist

Fusion With A Fresh Twist ~ Content ~ A spacious space with unique designs supplied by Ra Lifetsyles for Architects & Designers by Arcon , a beautiful blend of classical Indian furniture with contemporary furniture . 

Luxurious , classic , contemporary & modern furniture & decor

Luxurious , classic , contemporary & modern furniture & decor ~ Architect & Designer Mr . Shishir Hande wanted a modern rustic look for his project . Ra Lifestyles supplied eclectic furniture & decor for this site . The entire project was completed in a week's time .